Accountability and Transparency

Set term limits in our school board.

Take training and educate myself.

Prepare myself before board meeting so I am ready for each meeting.

Respect each board member, Superintendent, parents, and community members.

Quality and Challenging education

Have 20th century education using S.T.E.A.M and modern tools.

Hands on science, art, math, reading, and writing.

Open our libraries  and be  more accessible to the  students.

Update school programs that are ineffective and adopt new challenging programs.

Provide teachers support training and materials.

Support every child who is struggling at an early age by using phonic awareness 

Challenge those students who are high achievers and push them for greatness.

Safe Schools

Our buildings need to be updated and restored.

Playground need to be fixed and more innovative.

Plumbing needs to be repaired in all schools

HVAC system has to be placed in all schools!

Drinking faucets need to be updated and safe for use.

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