Accountability and Transparency

I promise to hold a monthly meeting with our parents before each board meeting to listen to their concerns on agenda items and school related issues.

Make our board meetings stream live so parents can watch at home live. 

Set term limits in our school board.

Take training and educate myself

Prepare myself before board meeting so I am ready for each meeting.

Respect each board member, Superintendent, parents and community members.

Quality and Challenging education

Have 20th century education using S.T.E.A.M and modern tools.

Hands on science,art,math, reading and writing

Keep our libraries open and be  more accessible to the  students.

Update school programs that are ineffective and adopt new challenging programs.

Provide teachers support training and materials.

Support every child who is struggling at an early age by using phonic awareness 

Challenge those students who are high achievers and push them for greatness.

Fix our Schools

Our buildings need to be updated and restored.

Playground need to be fixed and more innovative.

Plumbing needs to be repaired in all schools

HVAC system has to be placed in all schools!

Drinking faucets need to be updated and safe for use.

Safe schools

We need to protect our kids by making sure the school fences are high enough for intruders. 

All schools should only have one front door and back door to avoid unwanted guest to access our school campus

We have to have a police on middle school campuses to ensure all kids are safe and create a positive relationship between them.

Provide a safe ways to report threats or violence in the school.

Bully free zone

Zero bullying policy

Mental awareness education classes for staff and parents.

Have counselors full time and have behavior assessment reports.

Have supporting programs for schools to minimize bullying behavior

Educate kids on  strategies to deflect bullying and  provide a safe place to report it.

Have students do online surveys to make sure bullying is not happening.

Hire enough staff to monitor recess and lunch periods.

Require sign in sheets for all children to use restrooms.

Positive classroom behavior support

Counseling services  

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